12August, 2014
Inland Transportation

Inland transport is an inseparable part of the logistics supply chain. We provide scheduled transportation services, collect and rent the entire trip. We set up a professional, dynamic transport team on all routes. Providing flexible transportation solutions with flexible plans for maximum efficiency.
Inland transport services include:
Loading and unloading.
Freight forwarding package.
Freight transport, super-weight, bulk cargo and special cargo.
Shipping of household goods and personal belongings.
Transportation of goods in transit.
Transportation of goods temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported and re-imported.
Warehousing and distribution of goods.


HCMC Office:

  • Customer Service Ms. Phương - 0906822104
  • Customs Broker Mr. Vương – 0902434090
  • Accountant Ms. Lan - 0981674218

HaNoi Office:

  • Customer Service Ms. Thảo – 0932387929
  • Customs Broker Mr. Tuấn  – 0936100407
  • Accountant Ms. Anh – 01649386895